Andrew + Monique // Costa Rica Wedding

Honestly, where do I even start with Andrew + Moniques wedding in Costa Rica, truly it was just a dream. From the Venue (hello…. Costa Rica!) , to the all white dress code, it was perfect from beginning to end.

Monique & Andrew meet in High School.... they had a crush on each other but neither knew until 10 years later when Monique visited home from New York, where she was living at the time working as a designer for Calvin Klein Collection. She decided on a whim to join an old friend at a local bar during a pub crawl when she ran into Andrew again. As they say it.... the rest was history.

Andrew proposed in Big Sur, he choose Big Sur because it was Mo's favorite place because it was her dad's favorite place to go, so she felt closer to him. (he has passed away a few years prior) He proposed with a ring made from the emerald of his mothers ring her gave her when he was a little boy. He designed it with the help of her mom and his parents. She now wears it on the same hand with her fathers wedding ring. 

Andrew and Monique wanted a small, intimate wedding, and with most of Monique's family being from Costa Rica, what could be a better place for their big day. In an effort to celebrate the beautiful location, the couple utilized the natural elements of Costa Rica and the native Macaw bird as their main sources of inspiration. With the Macaw inspiration, came the invitation, guest book, place cards and tequila shot escort cards, all utilizing the bird's bright red, yellow and blue feathers. And if that wasn’t perfect enough, right as Monique was walking down the aisle, a group of Macaw birds flew around right above the ceremony. Almost like they were giving their stamp of approval! 

Monique worked at Calvin Klein for years as a designer so she had a clear idea of style and look she wanted for her reception. She is also very eco aware and did not want to waste lots of flowers. Keeping the look minimal yet impactful, Monique used bold palm tree leaves for the table centerpieces. They also gave their guests beach towels printed with "Pure Vida," or "Pure Life", which is the motto for Costa Rica, which went flawlessly with their Pool Day themed party the day after the wedding.

Andrew and Monique integrated other personal details into their day to make it their own. Tequila is Andrew’s favorite way to welcome guests into his home, so naturally it was the way they welcomed their guests to the wedding. Upon arriving at the reception, guests were all given a shot of tequila along with their table assignment to kick off the night. Andrew is a big surfer and Monique loves to dance. The day before the wedding Andrew organized a big surf day with his groomsmen and Monique’s Maid of Honor got fun shirts that say, "Surf all day, Dance all night" to wear at the reception. Andrew and Monique were also sure to include all of the kids in their families. They all walked down the aisle before Monique holding flowers that were laid down at the end of the aisle, where Andrew and Monique would exchange their vows. The kids were also part of a flash mob of sorts during the reception, dancing to "Watch me [whip]" alongside the bride. They incorporated both sides of their background by doing Flag Dance- with Mo being 1/2 Costa Rican and Andrew being American... it was a celebration of both cultures coming together and becoming a family. So dancing to Pit Bull BR1 they celebrated dancing with both national flags 

Finishing off their wedding weekend, instead of doing the typical "Brunch" they decided a pool party day... everyone took their "Pura Vida" towels..... their Monique Digs Andrew sunglasses down to the pool to enjoy the Costa Rica Sun.... Every detail held a special place in their heart, was carefully thought out and executed to absolute perfection.

Venue :Los Suenos Marriott Playa Herradura, Costa Rica

Planner + Event Design: Tropical Occasions

Florals: Stylos & Flores 

Name Cards + Menu : Designed by Bride 

Invitations: Papercrew