Brian + Jackie // New Jersey Wedding

My friendship with Jackie + Brian all started on a random night out for sushi and WAY to many saki shots…..

My husband and I went out for dinner one night at the sushi joint just a block from our house. Chill night just a few people in the place, we stroll up to the sushi bar and sit next to this young, cute couple. After a few beers we strike up a convo…. come to find out we are neighbors! Needless to say the evening went from date night to a unexpected fun evening of saki shots and whiskey night caps on the patio. The four of us became fast friends, so you can image my excitement when they got engaged and asked me to be their photographer! Their wedding took place in Jackie’s home town in New Jersey. A fun packed weekend of family, friends, amazing Italian food and more bottles of red wine then I care to admit.